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How much will my loan cost me?

Have a go with our easy to use loan calclulator and work out how much you can afford.

There is an existing loan for this type with value £ It will be added to your loan total. You are already borrowing the maximum amount allocated for this type of loan.
Additional loan amount
Total Loan Amount: £
% APR*
*Representative APR
*If you choose an agreed amount you will receive a preferential interest rate and quicker access to your loan.
Number of Repayments:
Monthly Repayments
*The repayment shown is an illustrative amount. Your repayments will depend on the date of your first repayment.
New Monthly Share 1 Savings Amount: £
Total Monthly Deduction
**£0.00 minimum must be saved each month on top of the loan repayment.


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Saving with your Credit Union is very easy as most of our members can make payments through salary deduction. For those who cannot, payments can be made by direct debit.

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Loan Protection, Life Savings Cover and our innovative Payment Waiver Scheme are just some of the ways "We've got your back"

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